How to Buy?


  1. Choose the concert day you want to book.
  2. In the concert page, click the orange button to choose your seats.
  3. Select the seats and add them to your cart clicking the button that will appear in the pop up window.
  4. Once you finish selecting your seats, check the order total and then click “Go to Cart”.
  5. In the Cart page, you can verify your seat numbers and concert day.  This page will show you a subtotal of your order, minus the taxes and online credit card fees.
  6. If you’re ready to finish your order, click the Checkout Button.
  7. In this page, you need to fill out your name and contact information.
  8. Review your order total, this will include local taxes and online credit card transaction fees.
  9. Input your credit card information and remember to check the “Accept Terms and Conditions”.
  10. If the transaction was successful, you will now have purchased your tickets.
  11. Remeber to download your tickets, they are in PDF format. You will receive one ticket per seat.
  12. We recommend that you print out your tickets, to speed up your check in process at the concert entrance.